How to Lower Your Electric Bill with Siding


As your home's first line of defense against the bitter cold or sweltering heat, siding has a direct effect on your utility bill. With this being the case, it deserves a closer look when substantial savings are at stake. You can make all the indoor improvements you want, but if your home's figurative jacket is faulty, your indoor attempts will be less effective. Here are three ways to help you turn your home's siding into a money-saving feature.

Add Insulation

Upgrading your home's siding gives you a unique opportunity. As the old siding is removed, you, along with the trained eye of your contractor, can find weak spots where air is escaping. According to the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association, proper insulation lowers a home's heating and cooling expenses by 20 percent. Before installing new siding, apply an extra layer of insulation to keep the indoor air and your hard-earned money from seeping outside.

Make a Wise Decision

One of the best actions you can take to lower your electric bill is to choose the most energy-efficient siding. Varieties that are reinforced with top-rated foam insulation are more friendly to your heating and cooling costs than those with no backing. Also, consider the siding's color, and stick to lighter hues that deflect the sun's blistering rays.

Repair Damage

Whether caused by a violent storm or some other accident, cracks and splitting in your siding create convenient passageways for outdoor air to invade your indoor space and wreak havoc on your utility bill. To avoid high energy costs, correct any damages as soon as you notice them. When repaired by a professional installer, your siding will be as good as new, and your wallet will be grateful when your next electric bill is due.

With enough insulation, the right style and proper maintenance, you can turn your home's siding into a front-line defender against the invading cold of winter and the smothering heat of summer.

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