5 Creative Ways to Hide That A/C Unit


When you envision your dream backyard oasis you may think about winding paths and beautiful buds that make the cool summer breeze fragrant and sweet. What you probably do not visualize is a winding path right next to a large, awkward and industrial looking air conditioning unit. Air conditioning is awesome inside of your house, but tends to be a bit of an eyesore on the outside. Here are a few ideas you can talk to your landscaper or contractor about to help mask that pesky – but very necessary — air conditioner.

Fence or Screen

This is a great idea because it not only camouflages the unit, it also may help to provide some shade that will increase the efficiency of your unit and block out some of the sound too. Fencing can be worked seamlessly into elements already present in your outdoor space.

Natural walls

Bricks, stone or another natural material is a great addition to any garden. It will provide the same benefits as a fence, but may groove better with your garden’s vibe. Plus, it’s cool and unique, just like your garden.

Garden fencing

A trellis may already be a part of your garden, so why not incorporate it in hiding that air conditioner? This is a great alternative as well if you’re working with a smaller space.


Go all natural with an evergreen that will hide your unit all year. Hearty shrubs that can withstand the heat output from the unit will work best here.

Build storage

Use this opportunity to multi-task and have your contractor build a dedicated structure for the unit and have them throw in some seating or a compartment and shelves for garden tools and additional storage. This is a custom option that can fit right in with your home’s aesthetic.

The key to anything used to disguise an air conditioning unit it that it needs to let the unit vent appropriately. Everything else is open to interpretation and imagination, a path that any good landscaper or contractor should be able to guide you towards a stylish scheme that will only enhance your home’s outdoor charm!