Welcome Homeowners!

Need help with your home improvement project?

RemodelConnection is your go-to source to find local professionals who can help you complete your home improvement or repair project.

From windows to doors, A/C system to furnaces, roofing, siding, solar panels and so much more, we’ve got the pros to get the job done. Take the headache out of searching for experienced home remodeling contractors and installers by using RemodelConnection.

How do I choose which contractor to work with?

The contractor that you select to work with is entirely up to you. Here are some tips on choosing the best contractor for your project after we match you:

  • Cost - Getting multiple bids on your project and understanding what the local market rate for the project is important, especially if you are budget conscious.
  • Materials - Different contractors use different brands, so if you have a preference make sure the bid you are getting is for that brand.
  • Timing - Find out how quickly the contractor can work on your project. Some are very busy and can't start work for a couple of weeks.
  • Licensed and insured - Get a copy of the most recent insurance information for the contractor and verify that their state license is active.

Last but not least, use your intuition and communication. Putting all of these together will guide your contractor selection and result in the most positive home improvement experience possible. Home improvement is enjoyable and we are here to help!